GMR001: Silent Scream | Murnau´s Playhouse - Bones From the Backyard 
GMR002: Angels of Liberty - Angels of Liberty
GMR003: After Dusk - End of Our Days
GMR004: Canis Lupus - Shape of the Ghost
GMR005: Miazma - Miazma
GMR006: Angels of Liberty - Pinnacle of the Draco
GMR007: This is Gothic Rock Vol. I

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GMR008: ???
GMR009: Godless Procession - Godless Procession
GMR010: Angels of Liberty - Touch the Daemon (Digipack Second Press)
GMR011: Draconian Incubus - Ligeia
GMR012: Disjecta Membra - Through the Years: scattered fragments 1995-2014 (Vol. I)
GMR013: The Drowning Season - Hollow


Varjo - Rarities
Draconian Incubus - Devotion
La Procesión de lo Infinito - TBC
13 Candles - Come Out of the Dark